[Cause of lemon stewed rock sugar not sticky]_ making method _ practice Daquan

[Cause of lemon stewed rock sugar not sticky]_ making method _ practice Daquan

The method of making lemon stewed rock candy is relatively simple, but some of my friends are not sticky when making lemon stewed rock candy, mainly because you have too much water underneath, which causes too much water to stick.

The reason why lemon stewed rock sugar is not sticky is also because you just stewed it and did not wait for him to cool down.

There is also the reason why lemon stewed rock sugar appears non-sticky. You can find out what the article introduces.

The practice of stewing lemon with rock sugar lemon rock sugar After rinsing the lemon with water, soak it with hay for 1 hour; after soaking, rub it with salt one by one.

After the lemon slices are washed, the lemons are cut into thin slices and placed in a saucepan one by one with rock sugar. This is how it will be stewed for more than 4 hours.You can begin to prepare the container when the water is simmered for almost 10 hours: sterilize in a glass bottle under cold water for 5-10 minutes.

Take out the glass bottle and drain the water, and pour the stewed rock sugar lemon while it is still hot.Okay.

There are two main points about how to stew lemon with rock sugar is not bitter. 1. When fresh lemons are cleaned, rub a small spoon of salt on the skin of the lemon and rinse it with water.

This can thoroughly clean the residual dirt and fresh-keeping wax on the lemon skin, ensure the safety of the raw materials, and remove the bitterness of the skin.

2, cut the lemon into small pieces with a small knife, remove the lemon seeds on the small pieces, do not be afraid of trouble, lemon seeds may make the boiled lemonade have a bitter taste!

Rock sugar stewed lemon how not to bitterly teach you two small tricks Rock sugar stewed lemon need to add water? Rock sugar stewed lemon does not need to add water.

Without adding any water, the rock sugar will melt away automatically. The rock sugar will slowly melt away due to heat. The rock sugar will also slowly penetrate into the lemon by heating to improve the flavor of the lemon. Therefore, it is not necessary to add water.Be careful not to stain with water and oil, so as to avoid making the stewed lemon boiled with sugar can breed bacteria and easily deteriorate.

Fill the jar with the lemon cream in the bowl, wipe the bottle clean, and then you can seal the bottle and put it in the refrigerator.

When you want to drink, sip it out and drink it according to your preference.

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