Strengthen skin’s natural defenses

Strengthen skin’s natural defenses

With the pavement of the introduction of skin care products, it is necessary to further repair the skin.

  Creating an effective “rehabilitation room” for repair creams used in early spring requires a rich texture.

The reason is that in addition to the lack of moisture in the skin that is starting to age, the oil content also begins to decrease.

A cream that can effectively resist environmental invasion and promote natural skin repairing functions, and can create an effective “rehabilitation room” for skin under pressure.

  Unique, with repair products such as essences that also have high repairing ability, it improves skin’s power up, up, up!

  Tips: 1. The correct method is easier to absorb.

Before applying, put the product in the palm of your hand, cover the heat with both hands, and then apply in a circular and dot-pattern manner to make the product replace and penetrate.

  2. Apply a thick layer of cream on the face at night.

Close the doors and windows at night, adjust the humidity and temperature.

When the room is dry in spring and your face is tight, you can apply an extra layer of repair cream to firmly lock the skin’s moisture at night and fully repair the skin.

  3, insufficient cream to solve “muscle thirst”, multiple bottles of moisturizing essence.

Moisturizing essence has a smaller molecular volume than cream, and can penetrate into the stratum corneum to moisturize dry cells.

First apply the essence and then apply the cream, the cream will be like a hat, covering the essence tightly under the surface layer to prolong the time that the water is evaporated.

  4. Wet the skin with boiling water vapor for five to ten minutes, and then apply a repair cream, which is also a good and economical method of moisturizing.

You can also put some moist plants in the room. It also has the function of moisturizing and filtering the air, making you feel fresh and comfortable in the cold early spring.

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