Double Eleven Health Goods Recommended Baiyun Mountain Banlangen and Kou Yanqing to accompany you

Double Eleven Health Goods Recommended Baiyun Mountain Banlangen and Kou Yanqing to accompany you

The annual Double Eleven is coming again. From the original “Single Singles Day” to the present National Shopping Carnival, the definition of Double Eleven is more about chopping hands, concessions, stocking, and discounting.

As a modern person who keeps in good health in the Buddhism, when you are busy chopping your hands overnight, don’t forget to add some good things to your shopping cart, which can either be self-maintained or given as a gift to the elderly in the family.

  Both Baiyunshan Banlangen and Baiyunshankou Yanqing Granules are researched from Baiyunshan and Huang traditional Chinese medicines, and they are well-preserved medicines in many homes.

The research team led by Academician Zhong Nanshan found that Baiyunshan Banlangen has a variety of effective ingredients with antiviral effects, which not only inhibits viruses and bacteria, but also regulates and protects human immunity.

The Baiyun Shankou Yanqing granules are made of pure natural Chinese medicine such as licorice and mountain silver flower, which have the effects of nourishing yin, clearing heat, detoxifying and swelling, and can also be used for oral ulcers caused by yin deficiency and fire.Fire is very useful for modern people.

In the day of double eleven, carefully selected and carefully chopped hands, Baiyunshan Banlangen and Kouyanqing granules can be said to be very healthy.

  It is understood that Baiyunshan Banlangen and Kouyanqing granules use GAP base standardized cultivation of medicinal materials, which guarantees the green safety of Baiyunshan Banlangen and Kouyanqing granules and ensures that their active ingredient content is optimal, thereby greatly reducing the consumption of Baiyun.Adverse reactions and side-effects produced by the sage root and Kouyanqing granules.

  In addition, Baiyunshan and Huang researched and prepared the fingerprint quality control standard, and applied the standard to test and evaluate the raw materials, semi-finished products, and finished products of Isatis indigotica and Kou Yanqing, and strictly monitored the quality of the products to ensure the stability of the efficacy.

It is worth mentioning that Banyun Mountain Banlangen is also the first Chinese medicine product to be funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

  On the occasion of Double Eleven, Baiyunshan Banlangen and Kouyanqing granules also joined the shopping spree.

As long as consumers search for “Baiyunshan Banlangen Granules” in Ali Health Pharmacy and add it to the shopping cart in advance, they can enjoy a discounted price of 38 yuan for three bags on the day of Double Eleven, and a dust mask when they spend 69 yuan.
Basically, it is a preferential play method of Baiyun Mountain Banlangen. Consumers can search for “Baiyun Mountain Pass Yanqing” in Jingdong University Pharmacy and purchase 3 boxes of mouth Yanqing granules to get an extra set of warm heart and mother-in-law cups. The shop spends over 149There is also a reduction of 30 yuan.

After discounting, buying Baiyunshan Banlangen and Kouyanqing granules during Double Eleven will cost a lot less than the market price, which is definitely concessional and practical!

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