Every child is a musical genius

Every child is a musical genius

We’ve all heard words like: “Music makes children smarter”, “Children who learn music don’t go bad” . It’s no exaggeration.

In fact, the benefits of music go far beyond that.

It’s like a big gift box with a lot of beautiful things in it.

Maybe when the baby is young, he ca n’t fully appreciate it; but as he grows up, he will find that these things are worth the time to enjoy and enjoy slowly, for example-wisdom: indeed, music can letBabies become smarter.

This is because music can stimulate children’s brain development and make their small heads more sensitive and coordinated. Not only can they exercise their memory and sensibility, develop their sense of space and time, but also their language, mathematics, and physics.The improvement of logical ability is of great help.

Kindness: Music is the closest thing to our soul, and it is almost human instinct to be moved for good music.

Especially babies, their hearts are still a pure white paper, and music can easily leave a wonderful imprint on it.

Imagine, how can such a rich and sensitive little heart nourished by music be easily polluted?

Sensitive: The emotional expression of music is very subtle, and the arrangement of notes is slightly different, which can create completely different music.

Therefore, children who like music not only have a keen sense, but also have a keen sense. This characteristic will be more apparent in children who have practiced musical instruments.

Imagination: In this world, it is hard to find anything more abstract than music. It is just a set of sounds, which are fleeting; but music is the most abundant thing in the world because it leaves us with imaginationBoundless.

Therefore, the development of music to the baby’s imagination is incomparable to anything else.

Creativity: The baby’s imagination of music is not passive, or integrates his feelings and memories of the world, and also stimulates his own creativity.

Don’t believe it, look at those little babies who like music, who wouldn’t hum some of their “invented” minors?

Don’t listen to him humming, this is the baby improvising his artistic creativity!

Rich emotions: how many beautiful melodies are in this world, and how many different emotions are contained in these melodies!

Complex and subtle.

Only with good and colorful music world can we cultivate a rich and tired heart.

Elegant Temperament: The influence of art on people is the kind of “moisturizing and silent”. Listening to it and practicing a few songs will not change a child, but the long-term infection and influence of music will definitely make your childSerene and elegant, it will become more sensitive and intoxicated to everything in life. Happiness: Look, all babies will show a happy expression when they listen to their favorite music. Some can “dancing” through music.They do not need any learning to enjoy the joy.

Yes, happy.

Of all the things that music brings to children, this is the most precious.

Not every child who has contacted and studied music can become a musician or a superman, but he must have more wealth than others, a wealth that he can have for life-in this world, there will be nothing better than happinessMore precious?

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