Glamour for middle-aged women

Glamour for middle-aged women

Although women have a successful career and beauty after middle age, at this time the body has entered a period of physiological decline or a certain disease is hidden.

Middle-aged women must pay attention to health to radiate female charm.

  People are busy in middle age, especially women.

Although women have a successful career and beauty after middle age, at this time the body has entered a period of physiological decline or a certain disease is hidden.
Middle-aged women’s well-being can help maintain human health and maintain vigorous energy and physical strength.

  Seeking happiness and enhancing immunity: In human emotions, only joy is a physiological activity that is beneficial to human health.

Studies have found that when laughing, the body’s various organs combine to produce a coordinated vibration that puts the nerves in an excited state and promotes the body’s secretion of hormones that are beneficial to health through neuromodulation.

Laughing and laughing will help to channel the depressed mood in the heart, make the face, neck, back, latissimus dorsi and abdomen muscles contract and relax repeatedly, and enhance breathing function, so that people inhale more oxygen.

The muscles and tissues are supplied with blood oxygen, and the functions are performed normally.

  Pursue new knowledge and prevent brain aging: Pursue new knowledge and continuous learning, resulting in people feeling psychologically satisfied and fulfilled.

The pursuit of new knowledge can continuously stimulate brain cells, make the thinking active, and respond quickly, which can help prevent brain atrophy and slow down the decline of the brain.

  Cultivate sentiment and adjust psychology: Middle-aged women have an accelerated life pace, and it is difficult to maintain inner peace and comfort. They are prone to mental depression, nervousness, and even neurasthenia, and mental activity is closely related to human physiology and pathological changes.

Music can regulate physiology, soothe the soul, make the body’s metabolism strong, and keep the secretion of various hormones in balance.

Dance, painting, calligraphy, stone appreciation, stamp collecting, newspaper clippings, etc. also have similar functions.

  Adjust your diet and prevent osteoporosis: With the increase of age and bone density, middle-aged women will experience waist and leg pain and weakness in their limbs. Therefore, pay attention to adjusting your diet to prevent osteoporosis and eat more calcium and vitamin DAbundant foods such as fish oil, egg yolk, milk, lean meat, poultry, fruits, etc. Therefore, you should often bask in the sun and bathe in the sun.

  Adequate sleep, proper beauty: Sleep can eliminate fatigue, generate vitality, and enhance immunity and disease resistance.

When you lack sleep, the body’s resistance and immunity are low, which can easily lead to the invasion of many diseases and increase the chance of suffering from cancer and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

When you reach middle age, wrinkles have creeped up into the corner of your eyes. Proper beauty can make you look younger.

For middle-aged women, getting enough sleep is more important than beauty.

  Focusing on diet therapy, tonic kidney essence: Chinese medicine believes that if kidney essence, main bone, and kidney essence accumulate, the limbs are strong and physiologically healthy. Therefore, in middle-aged people, pay attention to tonic kidney essence to keep the body in a vigorous state, such as bird’s nest, Tremella, lily, lotus rice, lotus root, Huangjing, Cistanche, yam, wolfberry, yuan meat, jujube, walnuts, etc., can be eaten instead of soup and porridge according to their own conditions, can not only strengthen the body, but also good for beauty.
  Persevering in exercise is good for health: To maintain a vigorous vitality, shapely, shiny hair, and delicate skin, exercise is the best way.

Exercise can promote blood circulation, improve heart and lung, brain function, consume excess fat, speed up metabolism, make the body get sufficient blood oxygen supply and youthful and healthy.

  In addition, middle-aged women should pay attention to proper drinking water, regular bowel movements, prevent visual fatigue, avoid eating mildew food, and quit smoking and alcohol.

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