General principles of clinical psychology

General principles of clinical psychology

First, the guiding ideology of clinical psychology The general guiding ideology of clinical psychology is: Attention should be paid to the internal psycho-biological factors of human beings, such as the structure and function of the nervous system, the interaction between human physiological processes and mental activities; We must also pay attention to the realization of all human functions in the natural and social environment.

When considering various problems within the scope of clinical psychology, or whether these problems are manifested by an individual or a local population, we should start from the above two aspects and look for answers and solutions from the interrelationships between the internal and external aspects of humans.

  Second, the fundamental difference between clinical psychology and religious activities in terms of specific diagnosis, treatment and counselling services has been included in the fundamental opposition between science and religion.

Although some people are sometimes religious and superstitious, they can solve spiritual distress and difficulties temporarily or complicately, but have nothing to do with clinical psychology.

According to Swiss psychologist Jung, human beings have religious spiritual functions.

People want to find a religion from the heart, and they are willing to accept the influence of this religion on themselves.

So, when religious dating the spiritual world of believers, they can repel their suffering.

However, when religious activities deal with human behavior, they are based on dictatorship and arbitrariness from the beginning. They do not have the basis of rational speculation and experimentation.

And science believes that everything in the universe follows the laws of nature, and the laws of nature are not self-explanatory. You must obtain the necessary information to understand these laws through careful observation, thinking, and experimental research, and then decompose them as the basis for judging such things.

Clinical psychology is to follow the general scientific rules to deal with people’s mental and behavioral issues. Every decision must be made according to the laws of facts or strict scientific regulations. It is not possible to rely solely on personal experience or the use of patients’ psychology.Blind guidance.

  Third, pay equal attention to diagnosis and treatment. Another principle of clinical psychology is to pay equal attention to diagnosis and treatment.

Many people often think that clinical psychology is just a variety of tests and examinations.

In fact, clinical psychology does not end with measurement and diagnosis. Its ultimate purpose is to make the principles of psychology effective for specific individuals through various treatments.

In fact, even the reliability of certain diagnoses is gradually becoming clear and proven during the gradual treatment.

  Since treatment is a critical area of practice in clinical psychology, anyone who is engaged in this type of work must be very careful.

Generally, people without training and assessment, whether psychologists or medical workers, have no right to make treatment plans, which is just like the prescription right in medical work.

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