What kind of health care to eat in summer? 11 kinds of vegetables to clear the heat

What kind of health care to eat in summer? 11 kinds of vegetables to clear the heat

What kind of health is it for summer?

Lixia is the beginning of summer.

Summer heat and dampness poison will affect human health. Eating cold vegetables is good for thirst, in addition to annoying heat, clearing heat and purging fire, detoxification.

In summer, the temperature is high, and the body loses more water. It must be replenished in time.

A person who eats 500 grams of melon per day is equivalent to drinking 450 ml of precise water, and the melons have the effect of lowering blood pressure.

So what vegetables do you eat in summer?

Here are some recommended health vegetables for everyone to come see.

  1, peas summer, this day, you should eat pea rice.

Because the shelled peas are shaped like eyes, and the ancients have common eye diseases, in order to eliminate eye diseases, people eat peas to pray that the eyes are clear and fresh like peas in a year.

Vitamin B10 is contained per 100 grams of peas.

49 mg, which is three times as much as edamame.

Hot sweating will lose some of the B vitamins, so peas are good for summer.

  2, bamboo shoots in summer, there is a custom to eat “foot bamboo shoots”.

“Foot bamboo shoots” is actually wild mountain bamboo shoots. There are many kinds of wild mountain bamboo shoots. Like bamboo shoots, the bamboo shoots belong to wild mountain bamboo shoots. Some people buy bamboo shoots and then crack them into flat shapes, and then cut them into small pieces of about 4 cm.It goes up like the shape of the foot bones.

In the summer solstice, the farming began, everyone used the “foot bamboo shoots” to mean “foot bones” (physical health).

  3, garlic seedlings through the advancement of agricultural science and technology, garlic seedlings can be seen all year round, but in a sense, this is the garlic seedlings “just at the time”, the nutritional value of garlic seedlings is high, it is undoubted.

Eating garlic can effectively prevent diseases such as flu and enteritis caused by environmental pollution.

Garlic seedlings have a protective effect on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, preventing the formation of blood clots and protecting the liver.

  4, pea sprouts from the beginning of the rain to the summer of the summer, the most suitable vegetables to eat too much pea seedlings.

The bean sprouts are slippery and slightly cold, which is a cool food in the hot season.

Rich in calcium, B vitamins, vitamin C and carotene, diuretic, diarrhea, swelling, pain relief and digestion.

  5, the southeast of the broad bean loves to eat beans in the summer season, so the broad bean is also known as the summer bean, many people will boil the beans and rice in a pot, called “broad bean rice.”

Broad bean is beneficial to spleen, dampness and swelling, especially for summer heat and heavy moisture.

The tender broad beans can be cooked directly and eaten. The old broad beans can be used to cook rice and porridge.

  6, amaranth red leeks is the seasonal vegetables in the summer, after eating the leeks, leaving a red soup in the basin, the discussion is the “red” head of the color.

Amaranth has heat-clearing and detoxifying, astringent hemostasis, anti-inflammatory and edema, and the effect of treating the flu. It is caused by red hot dysentery caused by damp heat and red eyes caused by inflammation of the liver, and the throat is red and swollen, and it must have an auxiliary therapeutic effect.

  7, cucumber cucumber is the best food for summer hydration, its moisture content is the highest of all foods.

Cucumber is rich in potassium salts and a certain amount of carotene, vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, sugar, protein and phosphorus, iron and other nutrients

Regular consumption of cucumber porridge can eliminate freckles and whiten skin.

  8, edamame edamame is a freshly eaten soybean, because its pods have fine hair, so it is called edamame.

Fresh edamame, green pods, green and green, is the favorite vegetable in the summer.

Eating edamame in summer can prevent malnutrition and heatstroke caused by excessive sweating and loss of appetite.

The edamame can be cooked directly with the skin, or it can be used for frying, such as fried chicken with edamame.

  9, the scientific name of the spinach spinach is called leek, rich in nutrients, and contains more vitamins than tomatoes.

Because it is rich in crude cellulose, the spinach has a unique role in promoting intestinal peristalsis and detoxification.

According to the records of traditional Chinese medicine, the spinach is cool, and after taking the juice into the juice, it can be poisoned by soluble food. The topical application can also cause swelling and phlegm.

  10, soft vegetables every summer, in order to make summer is not summer, not thin summer, there is the custom of eating soft vegetables.

It has been listed since the Qingming period. Soft vegetables are very clear. It is a summer to eat soft vegetables. People pray for no summer after eating. The skin will be as smooth as soft vegetables, and it can be free of mosquito bites.Eating, eating all summer is also good.
  11, white because of the freshness of the water, sweet, white is regarded as the best in vegetables, and fried with the food, its taste is more fresh.
The tender organic nitrogen is present in the amino acid state and provides sulfur. It has a delicious taste and a high nutritional value, which is easily absorbed by the human body.

It is especially suitable for spring and summer.

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