What are the causes of blackening of menstrual blood?

What are the causes of blackening of menstrual blood?

Menstruation is a special physiological phenomenon for women, but in many cases women have different menstrual abnormalities, such as delayed menstruation, low menstrual flow, and darkening of menstrual blood.

Women do not know the causes of darkening of menstrual blood. Experts pointed out that there are many reasons for darkening of menstrual blood. The common cause is gynecological diseases.

The following editors will introduce it in detail: 1. What is black menstrual blood? The so-called menstrual color is actually the color of menstrual blood. Normally, the color of normal menstrual blood should be mainly dark red, and there are some replacements in the blood.Small endometrial fragments, cervical mucus, vaginal epithelial cells, etc., but no blood clots were present.

But if the menstrual blood is as thin as water, and only a little pink or divergent purple, it means that it is abnormal.

And if the menstrual blood is completely clot, it is also abnormal.

  The reason for the darkening of the menstrual blood and the appearance of blood clots is most likely that there are other bleeding sites. At this time, women should go to the hospital for timely examination and take active treatment.

  2. Women with kidney deficiency and kidney deficiency will also have different degrees of menstrual blood color blackening, and these women will also be accompanied by the irregular menstrual cycle, a small amount, light red or dark red, and thin symptoms.

During menstruation, these women will often experience various discomfort symptoms, such as waist and knee weakness, heel pain, dizziness and tinnitus.

  3, Qi deficiency and blood deficiency If women have Qi deficiency and blood deficiency conditions, then the color of menstrual blood will also become dark, and at the same time there will be dysmenorrhea and less menstrual flow.

There are many reasons for the deficiency of qi and blood in women. Commonly there are malnutrition and decreased autoimmunity. Therefore, for this part of women, they must pay attention to supplement nutrition and enhance immunity in daily life.

Once there is a deficiency of qi and blood, some women will experience menstrual cycles that are advanced or delayed, and their menstrual flow will increase or decrease.

  And menstrual blood is about to appear light and thin, and during the menstrual period, these women will soon have symptoms such as fatigued limbs, dizziness, pale or atrophy.

Qi and blood are the key to this part of women.

Regarding the problem of darkening menstrual blood, the deficiency of both qi and blood is one of the common reasons.

  4. Traditional Chinese medicine of Qi stagnation and blood stasis pointed out that the reason why women’s menstrual blood appears dark and so on has a great relationship with Qi stagnation and blood stasis.

There are many reasons that cause women to have Qi stagnation and blood stasis. Common factors include cold and physical weakness, and some of them are also the cause of Qi stagnation.

This part of women will completely have menstrual blood color darkening, at the same time there are irregular menstrual periods, menstrual flow more or less, color purple, etc., and blood clots will appear.

  In addition, these women will have symptoms such as lower abdomen pain and refusal to press for a few days before menstruation. At the same time, they will also have symptoms such as chest pain, breasts, and abdominal pain. These are common symptoms of qi stagnation and blood stasis.

  Menstruation is a more important thing in women’s daily life. Through menstruation, women’s health can be trimmed. If there is abnormal menstruation, women must pay attention to it!

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