The beauty principle of traditional Chinese medicine tells you once!

The beauty principle of traditional Chinese medicine tells you once!

TCM beauty experts as a whole, closely linking the face with the internal organs, meridians, and qiology. Oral administration, external application, acupuncture, massage, qigong, and dietetic methods of Chinese medicine all reflect the idea of seeking beauty in action, making the essence of Qi unobstructed, and simplifying, easy and safeReliable, versatile and durable.

TCM Cosmetology is unique in health and beauty and in the treatment of acne skin diseases, thus showing its special potential.

  It has a long history and rich practice in Chinese medicine. The history of beauty in Chinese medicine can be traced back to two thousand years ago. Various methods of beauty in Chinese medicine have been repeatedly used, screened and improved by countless people.

Its essence will provide effective natural medicine and natural methods for modern Chinese medicine beauty and world beauty.

  Beneficial Theoretical Foundation TCM Cosmetology is affiliated with traditional Chinese medicine and develops with the development of traditional Chinese medicine, so there is a theoretical basis for earlier people.

The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classics is the source of traditional Chinese medicine theory, and it also breaks the theoretical foundation for the formation and development of traditional Chinese medicine cosmetology.

The development of various basic and clinical disciplines of modern Chinese medicine has laid the foundation for the development of TCM aesthetics.

The aesthetic ideas provided by China’s extensive and profound culture also make the aesthetics of traditional Chinese medicine the basis of aesthetic theories.

The rich heritage of China’s traditional culture makes the internally integrated aesthetic theory system rich in features and will contribute to the overall concept of world aesthetics. Chinese medicine believes that man is an organic whole. The facial features and facial features require the development of claw armor, which is only part of the whole.To get local beauty, you must first seek the overall balance of yin and yang, the stability of the internal organs, the unblocked meridians, and the circulation of qi and blood.

TCM beauty experts overall conditioning, therefore, the cosmetic effect is durable and stable.

  Dialectical Treatment of TCM Cosmetology uses the thought of dialectical treatment to verify the cause of aesthetically impaired diseases, and to treat the cause by trial.

Even the external health products that emphasize on decoration, such as facial fat and mouth fat, also embody the characteristics of dialectical treatment.

For example, the face is dark and rough. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that one of the reasons is the external attack of wind evil. Therefore, in some cosmetics that moisturize and whiten, antifungal drugs such as windproof and white peony are used to reflect the characteristics of dialectical causes.

Dialectical treatment makes the pertinence of TCM beauty more prominent and the effect more prominent.

  Diversified means, various means of safe TCM beauty, can be broadly divided into five categories of traditional Chinese medicine, food, acupuncture, massage, and qigong.

In addition, there are psychological, health and other methods.

There are some specific methods for each major category, such as drug cosmetology, oral administration, and external usage.

Topical application is divided into application methods, bath methods, etc., while application and shower methods can be further divided into affected area skin application, umbilical cord application, acupoint application, fumigation, scrubbing, bathing, bathing, etc. These methods are all natural remedies, Safe and reliable, no side effects, to avoid the harm of chemical drugs and cosmetics to the human body.

  The link between traditional Chinese medicine and life beauty has a long history.

In various medical books of various dynasties, there have been hundreds of medicines showing the effect of staying in the face and having a pleasant color, and the prescription is a considerable amount. Various hand washing and facial formulas can make the facial Yueze formula, whitening formula, and wrinkle-preventing formula., Zhan Yan Fang, Bai Ya Fang, Hair Dye Fang, Xiang Shen Xiang Fang Fang, everything from hair wax, lipstick, and rouge formulas.

These prescriptions have a very strong color of life and beauty. They are not intended to treat diseases as the main purpose, but not to modify people’s appearance and make them more glorious.

The enlightenment given to us by this information is that conventional ancient medical practitioners have taken the maintenance of the beauty of the human body as one of the medical tasks, so they paid attention to the modification of the human body and intervened by medical means to make the modified products and methods more perfect and more in line with the human body.Health requirements.

This kind of intervention has expanded the essence of TCM beauty, making TCM beauty coexist with its depth and breadth, and replaced its unique position in the world’s beauty history.


Run the five internal organs, nourish the qi and blood, the five internal organs are the heart, liver, spleen, lungs, and kidneys. The meridians, qi and blood, body fluids and human skin, facial features, and hair must be formed. The limbs and nine organs constitute an organism.Rong Ku.

The five internal organs spread the body surface through the movements of meridians, collaterals, yang, yin and blood, and body fluids to nourish, nourish the skin, and resist external invasion, thereby keeping the face ruddy, muscle plump, and skin hair moisturized.

Therefore, the strength of the five internal organs is a guarantee of a healthy and beautiful body, and the filling of qi and blood is a healthy, beautiful and moisturizing appearance.

Qi and blood are one of the most basic substances that constitute the human body and maintain human life activities. Qi and blood are vigorously manifested in the material foundation of the face.

Therefore, the Chinese medicine method attaches great importance to the role of viscera, qi and blood in beauty, and makes the body healthy and long-lasting by moisturizing the five internal organs.


Dredging the meridians, promoting blood circulation and stasis, and the meridians are widely distributed in the human body. They are used to run the whole body of qi and blood, contact the visceral limbs, communicate with the upper and lower internal pathways, and maintain the normal physiological activities of the body. Micro-materials are transported to each part of the body through the meridian system.

Only when the meridians are kept open and qi and blood run unhindered, can you have a healthy body and hydrated skin.

If the meridians are not open, the qi and blood will not run smoothly, and it will stop and become stasis. If the skin and muscles are not supported by qi and blood, they will look pale, and even lead to the occurrence of skin diseases that affect the beauty. The principle of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis for better cosmetic results.


Expelling wind and clearing heat, cooling blood and detoxifying your wind, cold, heat, humidity, dryness, and fire in the natural world, which will not cause harm to human beings under normal circumstances, but when the climate changes or the human body is out of breath, the resistance decreasesAt that time, Liuqi became a causative factor, invading the human body and becoming ill.

At this time, Liu Qi is called “six sensuality”, and “six sensuality” is the main cause of exogenous diseases.

As far as beauty is concerned, the most harmful ones in the “six sensuality” are the wind evil and the hot evil, because the wind evil is often the leader of external evils, and the face, hair, and eyes are exposed.These parts are most susceptible to the attack of wind evils, and heat evils are most likely to attach to wind evils and invade the human meridians to affect the body’s qi and blood operation. At the same time, heat is extremely easy to poison the blood and cause blood to become hot, causing many damageFor the occurrence of diseases, due to the elimination of wind and heat, cooling blood and detoxification is another major rule of TCM cosmetic therapy.

  4.Swelling, swelling, dryness, dampness, itching, and loss of certain diseases such as cracks, rosacea, etc. are often manifested as local redness, swelling, itching, etc., especially those chronically lingering facial diseases, which are mostly related to dampness.Disperse qi, expelling wind and clearing heat, cooling blood and detoxifying, and also appropriately mix medicines for swelling and dispersing, moistening and itching.


Brightening, brightening, wrinkling, fair, smooth, rosy, and elastic. Not only is a sign of health, but also the charm of beauty.

In addition to whitening the viscera, qi and blood, regulating yin and yang, and activating collaterals to achieve whitening purposes, beauty products are often supplemented with some drugs that directly nourish the skin, brighten the skin, and fight wrinkles.

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