Pan Gongsheng: The overall risk level of Internet finance has dropped significantly

Pan Gongsheng: The overall risk level of Internet finance has dropped significantly

Original title: Pan Gongsheng: The overall risk level of Internet finance has declined Source: Shanghai Securities News, Shanghai Securities News, China Securities News, 2019 The third China Internet Finance Forum was elected in Beijing today.Since 2016, under the leadership of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, the People’s Bank of China has led 17 departments and local governments to carry out special rectification of Internet financial risks. After four years of hard work by various departments, the rectification work has achieved substantial achievements.

In this release, Pan Gongsheng’s written opinions were addressed by Zou Lan, Director of the Financial Market Department of the People’s Bank of China.

  First, the overall risk level has dropped significantly, and incremental risks have been controlled.

The number of online lending institutions in the camp decreased from nearly 10,000 at the beginning of the remediation to less than 500, the business scale and the number of stakeholders have been greatly reduced, and the employment risks have been significantly mitigated.

A decisive move to combat speculation in virtual currencies has avoided the risk of a large-scale virtual asset bubble.

Resolutely rectify campus loans, cash loans, and online currency exchange, protect the people’s property safety, and effectively prevent the control of incremental risks.

  The second is to reform while reforming, and gradually establish and improve the supervision system.

The regulatory framework for non-bank payments, online lending, and Internet insurance has been basically initialized and has continued to improve.

Virtual currency trading platform, token issuance and financing, unlicensed online asset management business, and Internet foreign exchange margin trading are forbidden, which sets the bottom line.

Continue to promote the construction of Internet financial infrastructure, and network-linked companies and Baixing’s credit investigation have successfully operated.

The China Internet Finance Association and the National Internet Emergency Response Center have continuously improved their risk monitoring technology systems.

  Third, it has accumulated rich experience in the supervision of new financial activities, and explored an effective regulatory cooperation mechanism.

In 武汉夜生活网 the past four years of rectification work, the financial management department, publicity department, network telecommunications management department, market supervision department, judicial department, self-regulatory organization and other seamlessly connected, the central government department and local government work closely together, and have the courage to take charge and innovate working methodsMethod, explored a set of financial supervision ideas and methods adapted to the characteristics of new technology.

  These include adherence to the consistency, penetration and full coverage of financial supervision, grasping the key means of capital account monitoring and publicity marketing management, centering on investor suitability and consumer rights protection, fully cooperating with administrative management and self-regulatory management, etc.These are all valuable assets for effective financial supervision in the future.

(Huang Zihao)

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