Food and drink five-character

Food and drink “five-character”

Five animals refer to cattle, sheep, pigs, dogs, chickens, and various animal foods such as milk and eggs.
The Theory of Dirty Gas Law says: “Five animals are beneficial.”
Benefit is the meaning of supplement, which can supplement the lack of staple food.
Chinese medicine believes that the five animals are “the flesh and blood, the most pleasing,” can nourish the human blood.
  Meat is the main food of people.
There are more than 100 species of poultry, livestock and fish.
Its main ingredient is protein. Because animal protein is rich in essential amino acids, it is more complementary to staple foods and promotes human health.
In lean meat, protein is about 20%, among which pork, beef, chicken, rabbit meat and other nutritive values are higher; meat fat content is 5% to 50%, which is an important source of heat.
In addition to the liver, meat is generally lacking in carbohydrates.
Meat is a good source of vitamin B and niacin.
The broth usually contains a small amount of animal glue, a small amount of meat protein and vitamin B family. Because of its special aroma and umami taste, it can stimulate the secretion of gastric juice and promote digestion. Therefore, many people have a special liking for broth.
  A variety of eggs are good foods that people can easily obtain.
Egg proteins have a variety of essential amino acids that are easily utilized by the human body.
At the same time, an egg contains 30 mg of calcium and 1.
5 mg of iron is a good supplement for pregnant women and children; there are also a considerable amount of vitamin A, thiamine, niacin and riboflavin in egg yolk, which are indispensable for human growth and health.
  [Food Tips]Food animal foods follow the “five principles” and more poultry and small animals: According to statistics, pork accounts for 85% of meat in China’s residents, and poultry and fish account for 15%.
Experts believe that such a ratio of meat to food is extremely unreasonable.
The effects of meat and poultry meat on human health are quite different.
Analysis shows that the chemical structure of goose duck fat is closer to olive oil, not only harmless to the heart, but may have a certain protective effect.
Therefore, it is reasonable to reduce the proportion of pork in meat to 60% and the increase in poultry and fish to more than 30%.
More fish and less meat: Pork has a high content of saturated fatty acids, and excessive intake can lead to high blood lipids.
The fish has a low fat content and a high protein content, which is more than twice that of pork.
The linoleic acid content beneficial to the human body is also much higher than that of pork.
Fish has a high protein content and is easy to digest. Eating fish can also prevent hyperlipidemia to a certain extent.
More bones and less meat: For animal foods, don’t just stare at the meat.
Take pork bone as an example, its protein, calcium, iron and energy are better than pork.
What is especially rare is that these nutrients are easily absorbed by the body and are suitable for the elderly who have different degrees of appetite and digestive function.
More stewed and less fried: In terms of cooking methods of pork, in the various ways of steaming, frying, stewing, etc., the best way to be suitable for middle-aged and elderly people is to stew.
First of all, the stew is tender and soft, and the chewing function of the middle-aged and the elderly is mostly degraded, so it is more suitable.
Second, stewing can eliminate some of the drawbacks of pork.
Experiments have shown that for a long time of stewing, the oil is reduced by 30% to 50%, the unsaturated fatty acid is increased, the cholesterol content is lowered, and the taste is good.
The combination of animal and vegetable protein can increase the physiological value of each other, called protein complementation.
If pork and poultry are compatible, since they are all animal-complete proteins, their complementary effects are small and they cannot improve protein utilization.
The combination of pork and soy products or vegetables can make up for the lack of methionine in the beans and less lysine, tryptophan and methionine in the vegetables.
Vegetables are rich in vitamins and mineral salts. Vitamins promote protein metabolism, while mineral salts neutralize the acidic products produced during meat metabolism to maintain the body’s normal acid-base balance.
Eat vegetables first, then eat meat: When eating, the restaurant likes to put the vegetables in the end. In fact, the best order is to eat: soup → vegetables → rice → meat → fruit (eat after half an hour).

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